Polypropylene diy outdoor basketball court flooring for backyard

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18 Standard Color
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Hebei, China
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All Sport Courts Use
CE / ISO9001
304.8*304.8*14.8 MM
Plastic Flooring
1 Sets
Anti Slip Surface, Anti- bacterial,Eco Friendly ,Easy to install
Sport Courts
Indoor and Outdoor Use
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DIY outdoor backyard basketball court flooring for sport court tiles

modular sport court015
The SECOURT Basketball Court is the perfect solution for a compact space, Give your family the option of a healthy
activity, a safe place to play and exercise in the comfort of your own backyard without worrying about where they are.

DIY Your court Now !
we can make design for you freely. just tell us your ideas
How to install the court after receiving the court

Design Your Court 
A multi-court isn’t just an investment in your home, it’s an investment in your family.
I love playing basketball and it’s great that I have it right in my backyard. I don’t have to get in the car and drive someplace to get a workout in.
Do you love taking your kids to the school gym for a few games of basketball? Does your family try to fit a game of volleyball into everyone’s busy scheules? Bring that sports mentality into your own home and create more quality family time
Know where your kids are and get to know their friends
Spend time playing instead of landscaping with a low-maintenance court
Watch the kids grow up at your house
Build a multi-sport game court designed for maximum versatility or a dedicated basketball court or tennis court to take your little athlete to the next level
Let us design a court to fit your family and your budget
Tell us which sports you play; we’ll find the right surface for you
Other backyard court size please contact us directly!
Model No
Double Corss Surface
Polypropylene (PP) 
Tile Dimension
304.8mm*304.8mm*14.8mm or Custom
Tile Weight
300 g/tile 2905g/M2 (±5%)
Anti-UV Ability
1000-hour UAV Test 
Rolling Load
Ball Rebound
Temperature Range
Acid resistance
Soaked in 30% Sulfuric Acid For 48 Hours,No Significant ChangeInThe Floor
Alkali resistance
Soaked In 20% Sodium Carbonate For 48 Hours, No Significant Change In The Floor
8-10 Years
Indoor and Outdoor UseBasketball, Futsal, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Inline Hockey, Roller Skating, Multi-use,Kindergarten
What is Modular Sports Floor(interlocking sport floor)?

Our Modular Sports Floor is a modular system with male-female fitting, we have it Indoor version, for indoor, and Outdoor for outdoor environments.
What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor flooring?
Indoor floor is used for indoor environments. Its surface is flat and without holes. The Outdoor floor is indicated for open

spaces, as it has small holes to drain the water, which makes the structure permeable leaving always the court flat and dry.
Warranty / Life
The service life may vary, as there are several external factors that may interfere with the product, such as how to use it,

weather actions, maintenance, etc. But we have a 3-5 year warranty for manufacturing defects.
Size of each board and how many fit in 1 m²?
The boards are 250x250x12 mm and are 16 pieces per m².
The Boards are 304.8*304.8mm and are 10.76pcs per M2
The boards are 300*300mm and are 11.11pcs per M2
Do you use a blanket for installation?
Yes. The blanket is needed for better acoustics and shock absorption. But our silicone leg support type is not necessary for the blanket. as the silicone leg is together with the floor which can replace the shock pad.
How does the demarcation of the court work?
This is one floor for all sport use. The best choice for multi sport court. The demarcation of the court is given by a special

ink, Can be made for varied sports with different color, depending on the size of the court.
Do you have approved products?
Yes, we have FIBA approved product/ITF approved/and inline roller hockey special use floor .but if you are not for professional competition. Our economic type is enough for you .

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