XMG Outdoor Sports Flooring Basketball Tennis Court

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Color: 16 kinds

Application:Basketball /Playground/

Multi Court/Volleyball/Tennis

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  1. XMG plastic interlocking floor tile is designed with elastic buckle on the basis of elastic buckle crossing grid pattern,so it can effectively r educe the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction the problem of cracking.
  2. With the standard size,this sports flooring is convenient to install.
  3. Designed with large contact area and round edge,the elastic buckle sports flooring can reduce fall and skid effectively.
  4. With widened edge,the elastic buckle crossing grid pattern sports flooring has strong compressive resistance.

Surface:                                                Bottom                                             Connection

Sports floor (1)  Sports floor (2)   Sports floor (3)

Technical date

Single flooring size(L*W*H),mm Features 250*250*12.7mm

  1. Single piece of sports flooring can be replaced if it is damaged.
  2. With drainage design, this plastic interlocking floor tile can drain away water rapidly, and work all –weather.
  3. 100% recoverable, no pollution, food grade safety material,  non-toxic ,tasteless, no heavy metal.
Application Basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court , roller skating court, outdoor futsal soccer field ,outdoor kindergarten playground.
Material PP (PropenePolymer)
Ambient temperature -40℃—+70 ℃
Service lifeCase picture 8-12 years Basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, soccer field, ship deck, etc
Edge stripe size (L*W*H),mm Single ear Double ear Round edge
Edge stripe size (L*W*H),mm 83.3*50*12.2 mm 83.3*50*12.2 mm  

There are 16 kinds color and you can choose more than one color for your court:

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Basketball Court

Volleyball Court

Tennis Court

Badminton Court

Outdoor Futsal Court


Multi court

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