Interlock Plastic volleyball flooring anti slip indoor volleyball Floor

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Product material:Polypropylene






Indoor/outdoor multi court/Backyard

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Application: Outdoor Multi-Purpose Sport Court Flooring,Outdoor floor of Basketball court, Tennis court, Volleyball court, Badminton court,Futsal court, Handball court,and other courts.


    Modular sport court Flooring
 Material  Polypropylene (PP)
 Warranty 10 years
 Usage Used for flooring
 High Temperature +70℃
 Low Temperature -40℃
 Rolling Load, N 150KN
 Load Capacity, KG 10 Tons
 Compression Resistance When the PP flooring evently undertake 150KN pressure for one minute,it performs well and without any damage.
 Rebound Rate 93%
 Shock Absorption 32%
 Coefficient of sliding friction 0.5
  Vertical Deformation  2.6
Flame retardant  I
Acid resistance Soaked in 30% sulfuric acid for 48 hours, no significant change in the floor
Alkali resistance Soaked in 20% sodium carbonate for 48 hours, no significant change in the floor 

SKT-TKSM :304.8*304.8*15.8mm  Weight:285g/piece


RLZC 500mmx500mmx15.8mm  Weight:930g/piece


SKTRJ :300mmx300mmx17mm weight:435g/piece


RLSM:340mmx340mmx15.8mm Weight:332g/piece

RLZC (2)

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Features Detail:

Main Material: Environmentally friendly virgin polypropylene;Can be 100% recyclable, do not have any smell, do not contain any heavy metal; WaterproorfAnti-ultraviolet.

Using life: 10 years.

Performance: Reducing shock,delivers excellent traction and ball response.

Foundation: It can be installed directly over the cement, asphalt or any other hard flat surface.

Maintenance: Virtually do not need any maitenance, just need to clear the dust.


1. On the surface there are holes, in fact ,we can say it is combination of water drain system and heat radiation system. For Outdoor court use, we need to concern about sunshine, rain,cold and hote weather.

When it rains, holes are to help water drain, When it is very hot, holes are to help heat radiation.


2.  There are pillars on the bottom side to support  the surface .


Color Options:

Interlocking Outdoor Sports Court Tile For Basketball Futsal Tennis Badminton Volleyball Roller Skating Hockey Court




a, Material: Virgin Polypropylene Copolymer

 Environmentally Friendly Material, anti-bacteria, anti-corrosion, long using life.  Meanwhile, we also add anti-sunshine, anti-cold and hot weather techonology.


b, Suspended Structure

Pillars to support the surface, arch structure between pillar and pillar, to supply vertical buffering power, strong tolerance surface, better power distribution


c, Interlocking Design

Supply the excellent buffering power, reduce the injure.

Easy to in stall and remove, just need to install it upon foundation, no need glue water and other assistant things.

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