Flat surface solid color modular futsal court basketball court

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Color: 16 kinds

Application:Indoor Basketball /Playground/

Multi Court/Volleyball/Tennis/Roller Skate

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This indoor interlocking tile is available in different colors and specifications for you to choose from,allowing us to perfectly meet individualized requirements.

1.Because of its flat and solid top design,our interlocking floor mat has a robust structure and excellent friction,making it great for badminton,soccer,tennis,basketball and other sports.

2.With a superior weather resistance,our plastic interlocking floor tile will not be affected by the sun,moisture,humidity,or cold.This allows it to be used in a wide rang of areas,making it a great all-weather interlocking tile.

3.When compared to  traditional sports floor surfacing,suspended flooring is safer as it provides great shock absorption to eliminate the risks of sports related injuries.

4.Mops are the only tool needed for maintenance.

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indoor sport floor
Product SKTC flat surface pattern plastic interlocking floor tile
Single flooring size(LxWxH,mm) 250x250x13
Benefits 1.High impact strength and compressive strength 2.Indoor use only
Application Basketball,soccer,badminton,volleyball,rollerskating,hockey,table tennis,handball,etc
Material Polypropylene(PP)
Ambient temperature range -40℃—+70℃
Service life 8-12 years
Edge strip size(LxWxH,mm) 250x50x13mm 250x50x13mm 50x50x13mm


To make sure the court is soundproof,We recommend to lay some rubber under layer .2mm to 3mm thickness is enough .


rubber rolls flooring


We can make the product with different colors.One court you can choose as many color as you want.


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Roller skate floor

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futsal court


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