Modular assembled sport tiles

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Product material:Polypropylene






Indoor/outdoor multi court/Backyard

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basketball floor specification


The specification of PP interlock outdoor sports flooring is a form of glue-less Floating flooring that is among the easier types of floor to lay.

They lock tightly enough to form a solid surface. They aren’t glued or nailed to teh subfloor, but merely sit on top of it.

Floor trim holds down the edges.SR pp interlock flooring can be used as the surface of basketball court, tennis court, racquetball court, aerobics

court, futsal court, handball court, volleyball court, badminton court, roller skating rink, roller hockey court, badminton court, gym rubber, children

playground, and other sports court.

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What is Modular Sports Floor(interlocking sport floor)?

Our Modular Sports Floor is a modular system with male-female fitting, we have it Indoor version, for indoor, and Outdoor for outdoor environments.

What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor flooring?

Indoor floor is used for indoor environments. Its surface is flat and without holes. The Outdoor floor is indicated for open spaces, as it has small holes to drain the water, which makes the structure permeable leaving always the court flat and dry.

Warranty / Life

The service life may vary, as there are several external factors that may interfere with the product, such as how to use it, weather actions, maintenance, etc. But we have a 3-5 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Do you have approved products?

Yes, we have FIBA approved product/ITF approved/and inline roller hockey special use floor .but if you are not for professional competition. Our economic type is enough for you .

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