SSGB outdoor basketball court interlocking floor tiles floor for school

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Color: 16 kinds

Application:Basketball /Playground/

Multi Court/Volleyball/Tennis

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1. Flexible telescopic connection, new patented technology, comprehensive resistance to thermal expansion and contraction

2, 4.5mm wide face design, compressive strength far exceeds similar products
3. Anti-sliding grain texture treatment, better anti-sliding performance
4, 500mm large size, more stable.

 Material  Polypropylene (PP)
 Warranty 10 years
 Usage Used for flooring
 High Temperature +70℃
 Low Temperature -40℃
 Rolling Load, N 150KN
 Load Capacity, KG 10 Tons
 Compression Resistance When the PP flooring evently undertake 150KN pressure for one minute,it performs well and without any damage.
 Rebound Rate 93%
 Shock Absorption 32%
 Coefficient of sliding friction 0.5
  Vertical Deformation  2.6
Flame retardant  I
Acid resistance Soaked in 30% sulfuric acid for 48 hours, no significant change in the floor
Alkali resistance Soaked in 20% sodium carbonate for 48 hours, no significant change in the floor
Application Cage multifunctional court, basketball court, running track, volleyball court, tennis court, badminton court, roller skating court, kindergarten and various leisure activities venues

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SSGB basketball flooring  (4)

SSGB basketball flooring  (1)

SSGB basketball flooring  (2)


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basketball flooring


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